Senior Engineer/Scientist/Tech Lead – Machine Learning, SLAM, Navigation


  • Full Time

Join TuSimple and help change the way the world moves.  Together we're making freight transportation safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

TuSimple Company Overview

Come join a higher calling and find a deeper purpose!  

TuSimple is a fully commercialized autonomous trucking solution. As a multi-national Artificial Intelligence Technology Company, we are at the epicenter of the Autonomous Vehicle Universe. Our breakthroughs are leading the industry in autonomous trucking.  

While inventing the framework of Autonomous Driving, our live fleet of autonomous Trucks has fully evolved land freight. TuSimple is leading the way by hiring the most talented researchers, engineers, and scientists.  

TuSimple was founded half a decade ago to bring the top minds in the world together to achieve the dream of a driverless truck solution. With a foundation in computer vision, algorithms, mapping, and Artificial Intelligence, TuSimple has created the first commercially viable Autonomous Freight Network.


Opportunity Overview

TuSimple Localization and Calibration team is responsible for sensor calibration and ego localization, one of the most valuable areas in autonomous driving. We seek highly motivated scientists and team leaders to innovate state-of-art algorithms for online/offline sensor calibration and ego localization that meet ASIL level functional safety. You will have the opportunities to access freshly collected data, our large-scale computing clusters, and work closely with other talents in this field in building the next generation of autonomous driving systems.


Role Responsibilities and examples of work

  • Deliver high-quality and product-level code for modules on autonomous driving trucks.
  • Formulate ill-defined problems with data driven approaches for autonomous trucks driving.
  • Be responsible for design, implementation, and evaluation of the cutting edge and sophisticated algorithms.
  • Work on different sensors such as camera, LiDAR, IMU, GNSS receiver, etc.
  • Develop state-of-the-art vehicle localization and calibration algorithms.
  • Benchmark of algorithms to ensure their performance for agile development.


Experience & Skills Required

  • MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Geomatics, Aerospace or other related fields.
  • 3+ years of professional experience.
  • Knowledge of probability and random processes, Kalman and particle filtering, non-linear optimization, statistical sampling algorithms.
  • Product-quality coding skill in C/C++ or Python.
  • Direct and deep experience of at least one of the following fields:
    • Deep learning and learning based point cloud registration, visual feature matching algorithms.
    • 3D geometry, SLAM, SfM, VO/VIO algorithms.
    • High-accuracy GNSS algorithms (RTK, PPP) and IMU fusion techniques, such as loose, tight and deep coupling GNSS/INS integration algorithms.

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Geomatics, Aerospace or other related fields.
  • Publications in top journals (PAMI, ICCV, T-RO, IJRR, JFR) or conferences (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICRA, IROS, ION) in the related fields.


TuSimple is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This company does not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. Hiring, transferring and promotion practices are performed without regard to the above listed items.