Incident Investigation Engineer (Log Data Analyst)


The Role

Tesla is looking for
an exceptional Incident Investigation and Support Engineer for the Field
Quality, Data Analysis and Engineering team. This role will support the Incident
Investigation team, Safety and Regulatory & Legal teams. The individual
will be dedicated to pulling, assessing and summarizing vehicle information
from CAN (Controller Area Network) logs, EDR (Event Data Recorder) data and other
telemetry sources in order to support regulatory information requests, provide
further detail for Standing General Order reporting and input for incident
investigators in the field.


  • Compile CAN log, EDR and other
    telemetry data for a given incident or incidents in order to meet information
    requests from regulatory authorities
  • Provide input in discerning
    incident events, vehicle operation and driver inputs based on the compiled
    information as stated above,
  • Create data visualizations to
    communicate results of data assessments
  • Provide training and
    development for incident investigators in the field on vehicle logging and
    understanding logged values.
  • Provide summary reports in
    conjunction with incident investigators for body, safety & restraints
    and Auto-Pilot team for development input and continuous vehicle


  • BS in Computer Science,
    Engineering or proof of exceptional skills in related fields. 
  • Experience in vehicle data, incident
    investigation and accident reconstruction required. 
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to quickly learn new
    technologies and aptitude for understanding automotive vehicle systems.
  • A passion for Tesla’s mission
    and problem solving are a must
  • Strong interpersonal and communication
    skills required.