Computer Vision Engineer


The Camera Systems team seeks a Camera Calibration Engineer with extended experience in building state-of-the-art camera calibration methods, doing experiments, and performing analysis. The Camera Systems team is responsible for the entire lifecycle of cameras within our vehicles which includes sensor selection, lens development, camera module development, monitoring of manufacturing quality, camera calibration, image quality assessment, and camera quality tuning. 


  • Design camera calibration algorithms for module and vehicle-level testing.  
  • Simulate and evaluate different methods to evaluate optimal industrial solution.  
  • Work with suppliers to implement testing systems.  
  • Provide expertise in Geometrical Computer vision, automation, and high volume manufacturing. 


  • MS in Computer Science with a background in computer vision or equivalent experience.  
  • C++/Python programming skills.  
  • Experience with camera calibration algorithms and process automation.  
  • Knowledge of camera fundamentals around optics, ISP, and image formats.