Technical Data Analyst – Revenue Operations


Technical Data Analyst


At Qualtrics, our goal is to give organizations the data and tools they need to improve experiences. The Revenue Analytics team helps accomplish that goal by using data to improve business decisions and operations. By providing data-driven insights to our revenue-generating functions (Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, etc.), we improve the way we deliver value to our customers.


The person who fills this position will primarily support sales strategy initiatives, such as (but by no means limited to) determining the optimal number of sales personnel in global markets, forecasting various financial and operations metrics, identifying risk in our current operations, and quantifying how new sales hires can be successful. They will do so on a top-notch team of energetic, intelligent, creative analysts.


This position is available for candidates who have recently completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a quantitative field, or those who have 1-2 years of analytical experience.

A Day in the Life

  • Conducting research in R or Python to identify areas of improvement within the Sales organization
  • Communicating and presenting results/insights in meetings and through various digital channels (Slack, email, etc.)
  • Partnering with business leaders to operationalize data (IE, once we have insights, how do we get those insights to the right people, in the right format, with the right recommendation?)
  • Building automated data pipelines to deliver relevant data/insights to various audiences
  • Building applications and visualizations that allow stakeholders to be self-sufficient with data
  • Completing ad-hoc data requests for various business leaders


  • Proven ability to learn technical skills on the job – we know you won't know everything you need to know before you start, but we want to be sure you'll be able to learn
  • Excitement toward leveraging data to improve business decisions and operations
  • Experience querying data, building tables and views, and managing large data sets in SQL
  • Experience handling data and running analyses in Python or R
  • Ability to work and communicate with less data-minded teams to ensure our efforts are impacting the company for the better
  • Exposure to data visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, DOMO, or Amazon QuickSight
  • Ability to share, update, and manipulate data in Google Sheets/Excel
  • Completed undergraduate degree in a quantitative field or similar, relevant experience

Preferred Qualifications

  • Extensive experience in one or more of the areas listed above
  • Experience building data pipelines with APIs in Python
  • Experience building Django/Flask applications
  • Experience with popular business applications such as Salesforce and NetSuite
  • Graduate degree in a quantitative field