Data Scientist – Location Flexible


Role Description

We're looking for a Senior Data Scientist to act as a lead for the AMP organization. AMP’s mission is to take bold, long-term risks to discover tools that help people make meaningful progress against their priorities. These tools will augment humanity’s important work, using CPU cycles to preserve human cycles. The tools will create(rather than disrupt) states of focus and flow, unlocking new levels of cognitive productivity. 
This person will work across the organization, driving key product insights, owning product analytics, and helping solve important ML problems in performing cognitive and work tasks, search relevance, and lifecycle notifications for both established and 0→1 products. They will help the organization quickly experiment and learn from the work we are doing.
They will deep dive on unique customer trends through data analytics and and ideal candidate should have a robust knowledge of consumer lifecycle and behavior analysis, customer segmentation, digital campaigns, monetization analytics, and business operations for a SaaS company.  


  • Develop a deep understanding of the product; define the key metrics that will guide the team in the early phases of identifying product market fit.
  • Develop a 360 degree perspective on the data needs for the products from logging, to dashboarding, to creating recommendations to drive change in production.
  • Work with cross-functional teams (including Data Science, Marketing, Product, Engineering, Design, User Research, and senior executives) to rapidly execute and iterate
  • Create propensity models to enable targeting of users within the existing Dropbox user base.
  • Inform future experimentation design and roadmaps by performing exploratory analysis to understand user engagement behavior and derive insights
  • Digest literature and assess state-of-art ML capabilities; and evaluate application of models towards use cases (e.g. NLP)
  • Identify key trends and build executive-facing dashboards to track the progress of acquisition, monetization, and engagement trends.
  • Extract actionable insights through analyzing large, complex, multi-dimensional customer behavior data sets 
  • Translate complex concepts into implications for the business via excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Understand what matters most and prioritize ruthlessly


  • Bachelors’ or above in quantitative discipline: Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field
  • 4+ years experience using analytics/data science to drive key business decisions; examples include business/product/marketing analytics, business intelligence, strategy consulting
  • Proven track record of being able to work independently and proactively engage with business stakeholders with minimal direction
  • Significant experience with SQL and large unstructured datasets such as Hadoop
  • Fluency in SQL and statistical programming (e.g., R or python)
  • Deep understanding of statistical analysis, experimentation design, and common analytical techniques like regression, decision trees
  • Good understanding of basic ML techniques just as regressions, tree based models, clustering techniques and SVMs
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills